Good Friday procession in Gubbio

In Gubbio the Procession of the Dead Christ is an evocative religious event organized by the “Confraternita di Santa Croce della Foce” (Saint Cross of the Gorge Confraternity) and takes place the evening of Good Friday. It ‘a symbolic representation of the Passion of Christ that has been repeated for centuries according to a tradition that has never known pauses.

This event is one of the most important traditional event in the city of Gubbio and attract many tourists both Italians and foreigners.

Different Confraternities walk in the procession through the ancient city streets, dressed in typical costumes, white hoods  ( “sacconi”), along with the statue of “Christ” ( a valuable wooden sculpture dating back to  ’600) and of “Our Lady of Sorrows”,  the ancient wooden  “rosary “ with 33 beads  (used by pilgrims to whip themselves in penance for the redemption of their sins), the large crosses symbols of the passion of Christ.

The silence is broken by the sound of the “battistrangole”  (ancient musical instruments) and by the “Miserere”, a very ancient chant of penance, orally passed down from generations. It is performed by two male choirs in two voices, consisting of bass and tenors. Each group of singers is led by its own director. The two choirs are called “Chorus of the Lord” and “Choir of Our Lady”.

The time of departure of the procession is at 19:00 and its duration is slightly higher than 2,30 hours.

The procession made only three stops:

the “Pietrone”, a stone egg-shaped inserted into the pavement of Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo;

In front of the CHURCH OF SAN DOMENICO, where takes place the inclusion in Procession of the Bishop of the Diocese of Gubbio.

– In the front of the ASTENOTROFIO in Via Cavour.

The procession will end in front of the CHURCH OF SAN DOMENICO

The passage of the procession is illuminated by torch light and by the “focaroni” (big bond fires).


In the program ” Easter 2017 Tour in Umbria” is included a guided tour in Gubbio on the Good Friday to see the suggestive procession.

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